Effective Ways to Automate Fireflies.ai

Working as a project manager is tough but it can be made easier with the help of several automation tools. Fireflies is one of the simplest and most effective tools designed for automating meetings and their associated activities. It is an AI-based tool that offers automatic recording, summarising, and transcription of the meetings. It not only saves time but also enhances the team’s efficiency by providing useful insights about the meeting and noting down every point of the meeting for later use and reference. 

Automation and integration services are important for every business nowadays to optimise their processes. By connecting various tools together and integrating them according to personalised requirements, teams can do more than just perform the less important and time-consuming tasks. There are a number of options and platforms available for developing seamless automation workflows, but we will focus on Zapier and Make for their integration services in this blog.

Understanding Fireflies.ai


What is Fireflies.ai?

Fireflies.ai is an AI-powered meeting assistant that is more than an AI tool. Imagine you speak a command in your meeting and the particular action is performed on its own? Due to its superb capabilities of handling information, commands, and recording, Fireflies has become a popular tool for businesses and teams. 

Key Features of Fireflies.ai


  • Automatic Transcription

Fireflies.ai is a speedy tool that converts spoken words into written words in real-time and supports up to 100 languages. It ensures that every part of the meeting is not only recorded by also written down for documentation. 

  • Meeting Summaries

After noting down every point, Fireflies.ai produces summaries of the meetings that help professionals get a recap of their discussion and deduce the results from the meeting points. It is exceptionally useful for executives locking deals with their clients. 

  • Integration Capabilities

Fireflies.ai provides exceptional options for integrating with other software and AI tools making it usable with a variety of systems for collaboration. This integration also helps in enhancing the overall workflow efficiency. 

Benefits of Automating Fireflies.ai


  • Efficiency in Meeting Management

As mentioned earlier, the biggest benefit of automating Fireflies.ai is to enhance the efficiency of the workflow. By automatic noting of every point in the meeting, it allows the professionals to focus on the technical dealing and think logically. It eliminates all the time-consuming actions from the workflow and replaces them with highly specific and accurate steps. 

  • Enhanced Team Communication

Automation also ensures that every team member has access to the information and summaries of the meetings. It bridges the communication gap between the team members and enables them to be on the same page for fruitful discussion. It is important when it comes to decision-making and locking new deals. 

  • Improved Data Accessibility

Automating Fireflies.ai can also prove helpful when it comes to organising and storing data for referencing. By automating it all your meeting information and data can be managed on a cloud platform which can be accessed whenever it is needed.

Automation with Zapier


Zapier is a famous automation platform that acts as a hub for connecting software for developing automated workflows. It enables creating Zaps which are workflows with settings that can trigger the action in one app based on the action from the other one. This can help send emails, reply to different clients and members or perform multiple functions based on specific needs. 

How Zapier Enhances Fireflies.ai


Automatic Meeting Notifications

Using Zapier, you can set up an automation program which sends notifications of the newly recorded meetings to your team members. You can also configure your Zap to send emails of Slack messages with the transcripts and summaries of the meetings. This way all your members can stay up to date about the real-time activities. 

Task Management Integration

With Zapier you can also set up the workflow to create and assign tasks based on the meeting discussion. You can integrate Fireflies.ai with project management tools like Trello, Asana, or ClickUp to follow up on the progress of the tasks. It can reduce the chances of overlooking important tasks and manage their activities according to the scheduled time. 

CRM Updates

The importance of this integration is equally beneficial for the CRM teams. They can keep a log of the meetings and get to know the updates about the agenda for better planning and maintenance of customer relationships. 

Automation with Make.com


Make.com is a seamless automation platform which helps develop complex workflows by integrating different software and tools without any coding. It has a visually appealing interface and it is very simple to use. You can connect various apps and develop workflows with easy logic. 

How Make Enhances Fireflies.ai


Transcript Exportation

With Make, you can automatically export the meeting transcripts from Fireflies to different cloud destinations like Google Sheets or MS Excel. This helps in storing the important information in a more accessible format. It also enables users to analyze that data which is available in the form of rows and columns. 

Integration with Communication Tools

You can establish connections with different communication applications for effectively sharing the meeting details and transcripts with your team. It is crucial when managing a large team that is not available at the same time.

Workflow Customization

Other functions you can perform with Make automation is to establish the workflow for scheduling, data processing and sending personalised notifications. Such collaboration proves greatly helpful for the CRM teams which need up-to-date data about the discussions with the clients. 

Automation with Other Apps


Integrate with Calendar Tools

For automating your Fireflies.ai assistant, you can integrate it with calendar tools like Google Calendar or Outlook. This can help Fireflies join the meetings automatically and record the discussion or note them down. This proves important when you don’t have time to open multiple apps or forget to do so, and there your meeting assistant becomes active on its own. This integration is very simple and after that, you can just add a meeting event on your calendars for Fireflies.ai to do all the meeting-associated tasks for you!

Automate Follow-Up Emails

One of the most important tasks after the meetings is to send follow-up emails to the clients. This task is often missed or becomes difficult to perform with other important actions due on hand. Firelies.ai can automate this business process by creating emails based on the meeting points. When you have integrated it with emailing channels like Gmail or Outlook, Fireflies.ai can send emails to the concerned people and outline the next steps to save time and ensure uninterrupted communication.


Automating Fireflies.ai offers full-stack benefits that include improved efficiency in meeting management, business process optimisation, and team collaboration. By using the automation and integration services of popular tools like Zapier and Make.com, you can develop streamlined workflows which have many connected apps for business operations. 

Adopting new ways and automation, you can transform how your business performs. You can not only enhance the current state of your company but also pave the way for never-ending growth by following these workflow automation mechanisms. We offer you assistance in adopting these automation tools through our team of business automation experts. You can feel free to contact us and make us work for you!