Best Integrated CRM and Project Management Software

With the progressing time, every professional thinks about automation and its inclusion in routine tasks. For that, to enhance the efficiency of business activities, a newer concept of integrating CRM (customer relationship management) and project management tools in a single software solution has come into focus. Every business has two main pillars: one is customer relationships, and the other one is workflow or project management. The idea of combining all the key features and automation related to these two areas is revolutionising as it creates a lot of ease for teams and results in robust growth of the company due to smoother workflows.

Why is it important to choose Integrated Software?


Integrated software is developed on the concept of creating a cohesive environment for buisness users where they no longer need to switch between different desktop applications of software for completing their tasks. It means, by implementing the use of an integrated platform can enable your teams to manage customer interactions, their responses, and all other workflows on the same page. Isn’t that amazing if you get a report from the software of your choice about how your strategy worked in the previous week and what you should do to take on next level? With an integrated CRM, you can make informed decisions and improve service delivery. But, it is important to pick up the suitable software for your business. We have carefully developed this list of best-integrated CRM and project management software for you to have a closer look at the top-rated software solutions.

Top Integrated CRM and Project Management Tools


Best Integrated CRM and Project Management Software

1. ClickUp

When it comes to an affordable and excellent platform of crm and project management needs, then ClickUp is the first name which pops up in the mind. It is known for its versatile features, which make it equally useful for sales, project management and customer care teams. Shortly, it can cater all business needs on the single page. 

  • CRM Features: The key CRM features of ClickUp include contact management, sales visualisations, tracking leads, records of customer interaction and segregated arrangement of multiple data groups. 
  • Project Management Features: In the project management domain, it provides the facility for many actions such as task assignment, tracking, time management, resource handling, and project insight or reports. 
  • Why It’s the Best Choice: The unique proposition of ClickUp is its customisability which enables its users to make necessary arrangements for fitting their requirements. It can also integrate with other tools and provide a smooth experience for the professionals.

2. is another name for customisation when it comes to task management and customer interactions in a single place. Its user-friendly design has made it a professional’s pick for using it in their routine operations. 

  • CRM Features: This platform provides competitive CRM features like lead capturing, customer data management, and tracking their interactions with unlimited customisation options to fit within required sales pipelines. 
  • Project Management Features: In project management, offers exceptional project planning, team collaboration, racking, and report generation functions. There are data-driven dashboards to notify with real stats.
  • Why Consider It is an ideal platform for teams who like to work on a visually appealing platform that has the capability to display complex data in a simple and easy format. 

3. Zoho Projects

From the bigger suite of Zoho applications and software, Zoho Projects is a collective solution offering project management and CRM functions under one roof. Its proven excellence in the field of project management operations makes it a primary choice for corporate users. 

  • CRM Features: The direct integration of Zoho projects with CRM ensures a smooth transition from sales feals to project operations without data silos. This makes it a favourable choice for most project managers.
  • Project Management Features: Task management, Gantt charts, collaboration options, and time tracking are some of the main project management toolkit options provided by this integrated CRM software. 
  • Why Zoho Projects Shines: Users who are already using or familiar with Zoho applications can adopt this software for their workflow. It offers extensive customisation options and scalability within the Zoho ecosystem. 

4. Asana

Asana has become popular when it comes to choosing an easily adaptable integrated project management features. Its intuitive interface and collaboration options make it stand out from the crowd. It is vastly used by large and small project teams because it fits to their requirements very conveniently.

  • CRM Features: Asana is recognized for it superb project management features and the option for its integration with CRM platforms like SalesForce. This makes a seamless flow of data between the project management and sales departments.
  • Project Management Features: Asana adds one step more to the project management options offered by other platforms such as Kanban boards, timelines, and dependencies. It also enables the users to manage/assign tasks, set time limits, and track the progress.
  • Advantages of Asana: One of the most commonly highlighted benefits of using Asana are its robust capacity for integrating with other platforms, and ease of usage. 

5. Notion

Since 2016, Notion has become a choice for most of the teams due to its diverse customization and usability options. It is a unified platform which combines tasks, database, sharing, and tracking on a single platform. 

  • CRM Features: Notion is a great option for companies who need to gather, analyze, and use bulk data for their CRM activities. Notion can help professionals in contacts management, deal tracking, communication tracking, and follow ups. 
  • Project Management Features: Notion offers a one-stop solution by providing timelines/calendars, communication tools, task lists, customizable template and much more. It also has option for integration with other tools and make it fit to the personalized requirements.
  • Why Notion is a Strong Option: It is considered as an all in one solution, due to its being an all-in-one solution, easy to use for collaboration and integration, cross-platform accessibility, and versatility. 

Essential Features for Choosing the Right Software

We all are advocates of improvement and innovation in our systems, and we find an all-in-one solution which fits our needs. However, there is a criterion for choosing the best-integrated project management and CRM software for your personalised requirements. When picking up the right software for yourself, the following points should be kept in mind:

  • Look for a project management software that offers a seamless integration, i.e., a gentle flow between the project management tools and CRM functions. 
  • The interface of the CRM app should be intuitive and usable for every person, even with less technical knowledge. It should promote user adoption and reduce the learning curve. 
  • The software should have enough customisation options to fulfil the demands of your business and team operations. The interface and settings should be easy to use. 
  •  You should choose a tool that provides a range of scalability options to adapt to the increased workload and more complex projects in the future.

Key Benefits of Integrated CRM and Project Management

Integrated CRM and project management software have a number of benefits for teams. A few of them include:

  • Cross-Functional Collaboration: By using these innovative tools, there can be a flawless interaction between sales and project management teams for effective collaboration.
  • Real-Time Insights: Managers can get real-time insights to make informed decisions about their actions.
  • Predictive Analytics: It is a key benefit of CRM-integrated software that enables team leads to know customer behavior and trends. Through these analysis reports, they can make plans and run targeted campaigns.
  • Enhanced Customer Centricity: Through aligning customer data with the project actions, professionals can adopt a customer centric approach in their routine tasks. 

How should you choose the right software for your business?

When finally you are subscribing to an integrated project management software, you must follow a step-wise process. Beginning with the analysis of your business demands, get an estimate of what features would be required by your team. Use the free trial options of various tools and then pick the perfect one for you. It should be remembered that every team has its own set of rules and operations, and not one single tool can fit multiple teams. Thus, it is a must to try different ones to land on the correct one. Also, check the user reviews and discuss your needs with the support team before starting to use it. 


This revolution of integration of CRM and project management tools has proved to be beneficial for the growth and development of startups and even large-scale businesses through enhanced visibility, collaboration, and well-equipped tracking of project progress. Various top-rated solutions like ClickUp, Zoho Projects and are made available for users, which offer simple interfaces for interactions and project execution. By utilising their customisation options, you can leverage their features and work wonders by organising every part of your operations. For more information on picking the best project management tools, you can visit our blog page or contact our team of experts for a personalised suggestion.